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Our Approach

At all levels of our business we are committed to customer care and making sure our service surpasses our client's expectations.

We continually invest in the latest software and technology. Spending valuable time on research and development to improve efficiency, developing new innovative concepts in our field.

Your potential clients or customers will initially judge your business by the quality of your stationery, literature, documentation website - whether it be printed or electronic. All artwork goes through a proofing and client sign-off procedure so that the finished product is to the highest standard. 

IGL is currently working towards ISO9001 certification.

Time Scales

IGL will put maximum effort into delivering your project but the key factors that will allow us to deliver are as follows:

Your participation - IGL will need to work together with you for the project to be delivered to your exact requirements. Without your involvement the project can become impossible to manage or deliver so it is important to understand that you are making a serious time commitment as well as a financial one.

Your Actions & Deadlines - There will be specific tasks within the project plan for you. These will either be supply of data, reviewing the project, testing or approvals.  Each task will be time critical and if delayed will then have a chain affect and delay the next stage or task in the project plan.

Of course we understand that there will be conflicting priorities within your day-to-day business but as long as we are working together we will be able to offer flexibility.  However, where timescales slip we may need to bring in more resources to the project in order to meet your deadline which may increase the overall cost of the project.

A key member of your staff must be appointed as part of the project team with authority to make decisions and knowledge to advise on content.

Before we start work, we will commit to a delivery date, based on agreed milestones. We will do our part, but there may also be an obligation for you to check and approve our work at various stages. To ease this process, we will place your proofs on our intranet, where they will be accessible only to you via the world-wide web.


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