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E-Learning Solutions

We provide e-Learning solutions to provide your team and customers with tailored online training

In today's working environment training is a major issue. Health and Safety rules dictate what training is required, equipment is always being updated and tight time scales on core business limit the amount of time that can be dedicated to training. E-learning tutorials could be part of the solution for you.

Your staff, suppliers or customers can go on-line and continue their training from anywhere in the world. By accessing the information they need in a way that they can interact with will help them gain a better understanding of the subject ensuring they focus on the key points. Supplying training in this way will reduce the time required in the classroom for theory allowing more valuable training time to be used on the application.

We develop and deliver custom, interactive e-Learning tutorials. We start with an analysis of our client's requirements and the target audience. Then together with the client we set training objectives that the tutorial must deliver.




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